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Divine Toygers: A Regal Abode for All Cats

At Divine Toygers, we're more than just a Toyger cattery; we're a feline haven dedicated to making a real difference. Our mission? To breed not just extraordinary Toygers but to also be a beacon of hope for cats in need.

Our Feline Family Awaits You!

Our Toygers are more than just pets; they're our furry, playful children. We embrace responsible breeding, and ensure each kitten grows up in a nurturing environment. This means happy, well-socialized kittens ready to bring joy to your home.

Lifetime Support and a Safety Net

Adopting from us comes with a promise: lifetime customer support. We're here for you and your new family member, always. And if life throws you a curveball, we're here to take back and rehome your Toyger, no questions asked.

Our Heartfelt Commitment: The Sanctuary

Our success has allowed us to create a haven for the less fortunate felines. At our separate cat sanctuary, abandoned and shelter cats enjoy a life of comfort and love while they await their forever homes. We've rehomed numerous rescues and, with continued support, plan to expand this sanctuary further.


Beyond Shelter Walls

Our vision includes transporting strays from overcrowded shelters to ones with more space, ensuring every cat gets a chance. The least adoptable find a permanent abode with us, or a loving home through our strategic outreach. We're also in the works to partner with a pet insurance company, aiming to provide unparalleled healthcare to our rescues and Toygers alike.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Every cat, no matter its background, deserves love and a chance at a happy life. By choosing Divine Toygers, you become part of a larger movement to better the lives of cats everywhere. Let's make a positive impact together – one cat, one heart, one home at a time.

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