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We're delighted to announce our upcoming litter of Toyger kittens, expected in July 2024, sired by our distinguished King Yahryah and Queen Athena. Here's what you can expect and how you can reserve your future feline companion:

Purchase Process & Kitten Interaction
- Early Connection: Interested adopters can request photos, videos, or video chats to virtually meet and bond with the kittens' parents, and eventually the kittens themselves after they're born.
- Reservations: Kittens are often reserved before birth, so we recommend reaching out early. A deposit will secure your choice, which can be transferred to future litters if necessary.

Kitten Care & Training
- Health and Registration: Our kittens are TICA registered, SBT and purebred Toygers. Each of our Kings and Queens are screened for 40 genetic illnesses including PRA and PKD to ensure the health of our kittens. They will be ready to go home between 12-14 weeks, and will have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and vet-checked.
- Early Training and Socialization: From birth, each kitten is socialized with people. From 4 weeks old, they are harness trained and introduced to a resident dog for positive future dog interactions. Each kitten goes home with a complimentary, custom-made harness.


Special Adoption Offer
- Savings on Pair Adoptions: Take home two kittens and save $600. We prefer that kittens go home with a friend. 
- Personalized Updates: Once reserved, enjoy exclusive updates on your kitten's growth, with options for daily video calls and updates up to twice a day.


Delivery Options
- Local and Worldwide: We offer complimentary delivery within Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. We're happy to deliver elsewhere, however delivery costs will be paid by the buyer.

This is a unique opportunity to welcome a loving, well-adjusted, and beautifully bred kitten into your home. Don’t miss your chance to add one of these adorable furballs to your family!

Available Kittens

Each of the kittens below are ready for their new homes. Please contact us to reserve a kitten.


Romeo is a handsome, playful little gentleman.


Robin is a pretty and smart lady.


Sunny is a particularly snuggly little boy.


Blossom is very polite and ladylike, until the toys come out.

Our Previous Kittens

All of the kittens below have comfortably settled into their new homes. To reserve a kitten from a future litter join our waitlist or contact us to learn more.

Puffball (Reserved)

Puffball likes to cause drama with his siblings at the milk bar.

Lotus (Reserved)

Lotus is a precious little lady with beautiful stripes.

Milo (Reserved)

Milo is a dashing young man!

Mabel (Reserved)

Mable is a sweet and precious little lady.

A female Toyger and her kittens on a shoe rack


Lily is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate tigress. She likes to greet new things with a gentle paw tap.

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