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FineLine, once a top breeding Toyger stud, is now a loved and loving neutered pet.

* All Toyger pets in the near future will be available thru this webpage as we breeders are working closely together.

* All kittens and cats will be spayed or neutered before leaving the breeder.

Photo Gallery of Pet TOYGERS Here


* The color and quality of Toyger pets that are available will vary widely since the breed itself is only just in the developmental stage. Some have undesirable lockets (white spots), big ears, spotted pattern, no temple markings or no glitter, etc. Examples below. Prices will vary accordingly.


* Please note that while we are proud to offer the occasional exquisite neutered pet kitten like Blaze (has a white spot on chest) above and Crooky (with a tiny crook in her tail), we value highly those families who are delighted to choose our off pattern, less colorful, or less well-boned, etc. kittens for their loving companion animal.




This blue, marble boy, the longhaired girl and the shy one under the bed are an inexpensive pet quality because this color (must be a brown tabby variation) and pattern (must be a form of mackerel stripes), fur length (must be shorthair) or temperament (must be loving and outgoing!) do not fit the Standard to which we are breeding our Toygers in order to someday have a remarkable toy tiger look alike with amazing temperament.

This young adult is a cooler color with big ears and more spotting than we'd like but a marvelous temperament.



War Whoop and Rudy (below) show how two Toyger males have matured.


Even we breeders have a hard time predicting exactly what color and type a kitten will develop into. We all look at the parents, pedigree and the kitten of course and make an educated guess. Most kittens go through the "grey uglies" at just about 6 to 10 weeks old and look pretty alleycatish with low contrast and ticking. They then begin to look better and better, blooming at about 8 months. Most seem to turn more rufus (orangy) as they get older and some loose more contrast than others as they get to be senior citizens. Please be aware that an alley cat bred to an SBT Toyger is only a half breed. One day its decendents too may have the hard won characteristics of a true Toyger if each generation is carefully bred back to a good Toyger, but the first foundation crosses can make good pets.


Yawho - not caring that his tummy is not whited.

AONE and Buckaroo

Toygers love to play ---if their people think its fun... and most love to go places on a harness, if they start to do so as kittens.
As with all cats however, we recommend catch play only with toys --- like a string on a stick ...and no rough housing with fingures or toes even as tiny kittens.



Toygers are an excellent breed choice for the new ICAT Agility trials (very similar to dog agility trials but more fun for beginners and advanced alike) being introduced at some TICA shows!!!
Agility info at
but if you already have a fun loving pet cat, try the course with him!


...or perhaps you'd like to enter your pet (Toyger or otherwise) in the Household Pet class at a TICA show.

Poker Face, a blue TG, showed as a HHP at a TICA show in North Carolina in 2006, below.



War Whoop has taught many a person how to walk on leash!

While we provide some training information with our pets, we suggest a cat training/obediance school (large pet chains like Petsmart are starting to have them for cats) for both of you to get the most out of your lives together.


See breeders webpages for any kittens or cats that might be available.

Sage and her Toyger, Tigger, enjoy some quality down time together.


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